Jay’s Longest Melanoma March - Airbrake Corporation’s Managing Director Rob Sherwood walks alongside wife Louise and truck driver Jay Allen as part of “Jay’s Longest Melanoma March”.

Rob’s wife was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma shortly after the birth of their daughter in 2017. Rob say’s “It’s been an enormously challenging time for us, Louise is incredibly strong and positive but it has been very hard. We are extremely lucky Louise is responding amazinglywell to the treatment which is an absolute blessing for me and my 2 daughters. I never really knew just how devastating this form of skin cancer was until our family was impacted by it”.


In an amazing co-incidence, a regular visitor to Airbrake many years ago as a ‘Toll’ truck driver ‘Jay Allen’ is a fellow melanoma survivor and friend of Louise’s. He commences a mammoth 50 day walk from Adelaide to Sydney on Sunday 31st March. Louise and Rob will bejoining Jay on part of his walk.


Melanoma is a big problem in the heavy vehicle community. The constant exposure to harmful UV rays for drivers on our roads is significantly increasing their risk of Melanoma. Melanoma can be successfully treated if caught early however for many people once it has spread it’s becomes increasingly difficult to cure.


You can support Jay, Louise, Rob and the Melanoma Institute Australia by clicking here








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