to stop you in your tracks.

The future has arrived, and ADR regs have changed to reflect 21st century technology. Our multi-volt TEBS kits, with integral ABS and roll stability control, are the future, and we have the expertise to show you the way.

Trailer ABS kits & ABS retrofit kits

If you're losing it, talk to us about ABS.
The world renowned WABCO anti-lock systems guarantee no wheel lock and total control at any load on any road in any weather.

Trailer load proportioning kits

The minimum requirement for the previous ADR38/04, load proportioning automatically reduces brake pressure when empty thereby reducing (but not eliminating) the risk of wheel lock.

Truck and bus brake system kits

Standard off-the-shelf one-size-fits-all ABS retrofit kits for truck and bus applications, and custom designed ADR35 compliant brake systems for OE truck and bus manufacturers.

NEW WABCO ‘OnLane’ lane departure warning system now available in simple-to-install retrofit kits for trucks and buses.
See downloads page for flyer.

Trailer EBS (TEBS) kits & TEBS retrofit kits

'OnLane' Lane Departure Warning System

For more information on ADR38 approved trailer brake kits, see our comprehensive catalogue on the downloads page and our YouTube video here.

from the world's leading manufacturers.

Alkon (USA)

SAE approved push-to-connect brass fittings for nylon air brake tube. Robust brass construction with reliable O-ring seal provides quick, easy air line connections for improved productivity.

Pacific Air Controls
Air Brake Corporation of Australia's own
brand of cost effective replacement air
brake valves, repair kits, auxiliary air system components, etc. to suit trailers and most
North American trucks, manufactured to original equipment specifications and
quality with full 12 months warranty.

Sealco (USA)
Air brake valves, repair kits and complete ADR38 trailer brake kits from one of North America's most respected air brake component manufacturers.

Pacific Nylon Tubing
SAE J844 compliant nylon air brake tubing and suzi coils in a wide range of imperial and metric sizes and colours, now proudly manufactured in Australia and sold under our exclusive Pacific brand.

TSE Brakes (USA)
Service and spring brake actuators to suit
s-cam drum and air actuated disc brakes -- now the dominant OE brand on leading truck and trailer makes.

WABCO (Europe)
Europe's biggest manufacturer of air brake valves and systems, anti-lock systems (ABS), 'brake-by-wire' systems (EBS), spring brake actuators, compressors, air driers, etc., and global leader in new technologies like Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and Lane Departure Warning Systems.

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